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      Brad Paisley

      Album: Moonshine In The Trunk

      I been waiting all week for Saturday night
      Now I'm picking my baby up
      She's pretty as a peach
      And sweeter than a cheek
      Full of cherry Skoal long cut
      Ooh ooh, man alive, can't wait 'til it gets dark
      We're gonna take this 4 wheel drive and put it into 4 wheel park
      I'm pulling in her drive, she's waiting outside
      Just standing on her front porch
      Good Lord she's taken them tight blue jeans
      And cut 'em off into jorts
      Ooh ooh, man alive, be still my beating heart
      I'm about to take this 4 wheel drive and slam it into 4 wheel park
      There's a holler I know down an old dirt road
      Where we can be all alone
      Gonna back it on in, turn the headlights off
      And see if I can turn her on
      Now the mood's just right in the dashboard light
      We're steaming up my windows
      While her favorite singer's singing her favorite song on the radio
      Let's get a little mud on the tires
      I got the defrost on and the steam's about gone
      And we're heading down highway 10
      Lord have mercy, she's a getting all flirty
      And kissing my neck again
      Ooh ooh, man alive, she's about to hit restart
      I'm about to put this 4 wheel drive right back into 4 wheel park
      I'm about to take this 4 wheel drive and slam it into 4 wheel park






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