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      Dusty Delta Memories

      Dusty Delta Memories

      Porter Wagoner

      Album: The Best I've Ever Been

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      Porter Wagoner - Dusty Delta Memories Música y Letra

      It was seven in the morning 
      And already it was eighty-five degrees 
      Mama said she bet that it would reach a hundred 
      Cause there wasn't any breeze 
      Papa had a cotton sack headed for a field 
      We did not own little brother was crying 
      Cause papa said we had to come along 
      Old shep came off the front porch his bristles 
      Raised and ready for a fight mama told some bill collector 
      Better stay outside the gate that dog'll bite i 
      Remember us all laughing as he drove away old 
      Shep just layed back down it was a dusty july morning 
      In a mississippi delta cotton town 
      Dusty delta memories cotton fields 
      Blowing on my mind dusty delta memories 
      Them bring on teardrops take me back home 
      Kind now i pick those days like roses everytime 
      A july morning comes along and my memeory 
      Takes a shortcut right back down that gravel 
      Road i walked upon when i'm falling short of happiness 
      I always turn the tables of my mind to the corner of a cotton field 
      And a weather beaten shack of rough cut pine

      Porter Wagoner - Dusty Delta Memories Música y Letra





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