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      20 Margaritas

      20 Margaritas

      Big & Rich

      Album: Comin To Your City

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      Big & Rich - 20 Margaritas Música y Letra

      There's a boy named Billy
      He's from up there in Virginia
      He makes that lightnin' holler in them hills
      He's got a recipe handed down from his pappy
      In a shiny 50-gallon copper still
      There's a boy name Jose
      Makes the best guacamole
      And the hottest hot tamales in the land
      He knows how to grow habeneros
      And he plays in the mariachi band
      I'll trade you 20 Margaritas for your moonshine
      'Cause I like to have a party all the time
      I'll trade you 20 margaritas for your moonshine
      'Cause I hear that stuff can really blow your mind
      When Jose met Billy he was tequila crazy
      In a honky tok getting cowboy drunk on a moonlight starry night
      Jose said, "Billy we ought to have us a party
      ANd invite all them senoritas and just watch that full moon shine"
      Now Jose and Billy became the best of buddies
      And rasied a lot of hell around the world
      But they'll never drink and drive cause they wanna stay alive
      And have time to kiss all the lovely girls
      Oh I hear that stuff can really blow your mind

      Big & Rich - 20 Margaritas Música y Letra






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