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      Love Gets In The Way

      Love Gets In The Way

      Blake Shelton

      Album: Blake Shelton Barn & Grill

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      Blake Shelton - Love Gets In The Way Música y Letra

      Little by little, now babe
      I've come a long, long way
      Picking up the pieces
      That you threw away
      Did you give it up
      Did I let you down
      Either way, it doesn't matter
      Cause I'm finally comin' 'round
      I hope you find where you belong
      Hello - goodbye
      Life goes on
      In another town, in a little place
      Looking in the eyes of a pretty face
      I ain't no fool
      I know what she's thinkin'
      I can hold her in my arms
      But, I could never let her stay
      Cause, love
      Your sweet love
      Still gets in the way
      Minute by minute
      I hear the voice in my heart
      And make a new start
      So, I think a little less
      I drink a little more
      Cause, all in all she's everything
      That I've been waiting for
      She smiles that smile
      I face the fact
      Love's a give and take thing
      And I can't give it back

      Blake Shelton - Love Gets In The Way Música y Letra





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