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      Marie Laveau

      Marie Laveau

      Bobby Bare

      Album: Lullabys, Legends And Lies

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      Bobby Bare - Marie Laveau Música y Letra

      Down in Louisiana where the swamp grass grows
      Lives a voodoo lady named Marie Leveau
      She got a black cat tooth and a mojo bone
      And anyone wouldn't leave her alone
      She go (greeeeeee) another man done gone.
      She lives in a swamp in a hollow log
      With a one eyed snake and a three legged dog
      She got a bent bony body and stringy hair
      And if she ever seen you all messin' round there
      She go (greeeeeee) another man done gone.
      And then one night when the moon was black
      Into the swamp come Handsome Jack
      A no good man like you all know
      When he was lookin' around for Marie Leveau.
      He said Marie Leveau you lovely witch
      Gimme little charm that'll make me rich
      Gimme million dollars and I tell you what I'll do
      This very night I'm gonna marry you
      And it'll be ummmmmmm another man done gone.
      So Marie done some magic and she shook a little sand
      Made a million dollars and she put it in his hands
      Then she giggled and she wiggled and she said, hey, hey
      I'm gettin' ready for my weddin' day.
      But ol' Handsome Jack he said goodbye Marie
      You're too damn ugly for a rich man like me
      Then Marie started numblin' her fangs started gnashin'
      Her body started tremblin' and her eyes started flashin'
      And she went (greeeeeee) another man done gone.
      So if you ever get down where the swamp grass grow
      And meet a voodoo lady named Marie Leveau
      If she ever asks you to make her your wife
      Man you better stay with her for the rest of your life
      Or it'll be (oheeeeeee) another man done gone...

      Bobby Bare - Marie Laveau Música y Letra






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