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      True Story

      True Story

      Bobby Bare

      Album: Lullabys, Legends And Lies

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      Bobby Bare - True Story Música y Letra

      This mornin' I jumped on my horse and went out for a ride
      Some wild outlaws chased me and they shot me in the side
      So I crawled into a wild cat's cave to find a place to hide
      But some pirates found me a sleepin' there and soon they had me tied.
      Till a lady zombie cut me loose and begged to be my bride
      So I said I'd come back Wednesday but I must admit I lied
      Cause I run away into the swamp but I forgot my guide
      And I stepped into some quicksand and no matter how I tried.
      I couldn't get out until I met a crocodile named Clyde
      Who took me to some cannibals who planned to have me fried
      They built a fire under me and I swear I almost cried
      Till an eagle come and swooped me up and through the air we flied.
      But he dropped me in a boilin' lake a thousand miles wide
      And you know what happened, then I died...

      Bobby Bare - True Story Música y Letra





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