Music PlayLists
      1. Say You Do Album Riser

      2. Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do Album Modern Day Drifter

      3. I Hold On Album Riser

      4. Feel That Fire Album Feel That Fire

      5. Home Album Home

      6. Bourbon In Kentucky Album Riser

      7. Up on the Ridge Album Up On The Ridge

      8. Breathe You In Album Home

      9. What Was I Thinkin' Album Greatest Hits

      10. Hurt Somebody Album Riser

      11. Free and Easy [][Live] Album Greatest Hits

      12. 5-1-5-0 Album Home

      13. Sounds Of Summer Album Riser

      14. Drunk On A Plane Album Riser

      15. Love Grows Wild Album Up On The Ridge

      16. Whiskey Tears Album Dierks Bentley

      17. Riser Album Riser

      18. My Last Name Album Greatest Hits

      19. With the Band Album Greatest Hits

      20. Come a Little Closer Album Greatest Hits

      21. Back Porch Album Riser

      22. Settle for a Slowdown Album Greatest Hits

      23. When You Gonna Come Around Album Home

      24. Come A Little Closer Album Modern Day Drifter

      25. Fallin' for You Album Up On The Ridge

      26. Here On Earth Album Riser

      27. I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes Album Feel That Fire

      28. Am I the Only One Album Home

      29. Damn These Dreams Album Riser

      30. Rovin' Gambler Album Up On The Ridge

      31. How Am I Doin' Album Greatest Hits

      32. One Way Album The Mountain

      33. Lot of Leavin' Left to Do Album Greatest Hits

      34. Wish It Would Break Album Dierks Bentley

      35. My Love Will Follow You Album Dierks Bentley

      36. Every Mile a Memory Album Long Trip Alone

      37. Roses And A Time Machine Album Black

      38. Lot of Leavin' Left to Do [][Live] Album Greatest Hits

      39. Burning Man (feat. Brothers Osborne) Album The Mountain

      40. Better Believer Album Feel That Fire

      41. Mardi Gras (feat. Trombone Shorty) Album Black

      42. Down On Easy Street Album Modern Day Drifter

      43. Come a Little Closer [][Live] Album Greatest Hits

      44. Long Trip Alone Album Greatest Hits

      45. Train Travelin' Album Dierks Bentley

      46. Cab Of My Truck Album Modern Day Drifter

      47. I'll Be The Moon (feat. Maren Morris) Album Black

      48. Trying to Stop Your Leaving Album Long Trip Alone

      49. Bad Angel Album Up On The Ridge

      50. Fiddlin' Around Album Up On The Ridge

      51. Freedom Album Black

      52. My Last Name Album Dierks Bentley

      53. You Can't Bring Me Down Album The Mountain

      54. So So Long Album Modern Day Drifter

      55. Pretty Girls Album Riser

      56. Sweet & Wild Album Greatest Hits

      57. The Heaven I'm Headed To Album Long Trip Alone

      58. How I'm Going Out Album The Mountain

      59. So So Long [][Live] Album Greatest Hits

      60. Can't Be Replaced Album Black

      61. Life on the Run Album Feel That Fire

      62. Last Call (With Ronnie McCoury & Friends) Album Feel That Fire

      63. I Can Only Think of One Album Dierks Bentley

      64. Bottle to the Bottom Album Up On The Ridge

      65. What Was I Thinkin' Album Dierks Bentley

      66. Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go) Album Long Trip Alone

      67. All The Way To Me Album Black

      68. Son of the Sun Album The Mountain

      69. Gonna Get There Someday Album Modern Day Drifter

      70. Soon as You Can Album Long Trip Alone



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