Music PlayLists
      1. If You Were My Girl Album What If?

      2. What If Album What If?

      3. Love Hangover Album Roll

      4. She Always Gets What She Wants Album Roll

      5. Running Back To You Album What If?

      6. I Should Be Sleeping Album Emerson Drive

      7. Devil Went Down to Georgia Album Countrified

      8. Rescued Album What If?

      9. Fall into Me Album Emerson Drive

      10. I'll Die Trying Album What If?

      11. Lucky Man Album Countrified

      12. Never A Good Day For Goodbye Album Roll

      13. I See Heaven Album Emerson Drive

      14. Evidence Album Emerson Drive

      15. This Is Our Time Album Roll

      16. Say My Name Album Emerson Drive

      17. She's My Kind Of Crazy Album Roll

      18. We Are This Town Album Roll

      19. Countrified Soul Album Countrified

      20. Testify Album Countrified

      21. Show Us Whatcha Got Album Roll

      22. Only God (Could Stop Me) Album Emerson Drive

      23. Sweet Natural Girl Album Countrified

      24. You Still Own Me Album Countrified

      25. Good Man Album Countrified

      26. Fishin' In The Dark Album What If?

      27. With You Album Roll

      28. Simple Miracles Album What If?

      29. Let It Roll Album Roll

      30. We Fit Together Album Roll

      31. Hollywood Kiss Album Emerson Drive

      32. Looking Over My Shoulder Album Emerson Drive

      33. Passionate Desperate Love Album Emerson Drive

      34. It's All About You Album Emerson Drive

      35. How Lucky I Am Album Emerson Drive

      36. November Album What If?

      37. Painted Too Much of this Town Album Countrified

      38. Last One Standing Album What If?

      39. A Boy Becomes a Man Album Countrified

      40. Moments Album Countrified

      41. Still Got Yesterday Album What If?

      42. Alone Tonight Album Roll

      43. Waitin' On Me Album What If?

      44. You're Like Coming Home Album What If?

      45. Everyday Woman Album Countrified

      46. Lemonade Album What If?

      47. Light of Day Album Emerson Drive

      48. Take It From Me Album What If?



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