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      Dress Like an Icon

      Dress Like an Icon

      Hank Williams Jr

      Album: It's About Time

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      Hank Williams Jr - Dress Like an Icon Música y Letra

      If you're not having any luck with the girls
      You need to step into the spotlight world
      Watch some movies with Steve McQueen
      Get some music by BB King
      You got to crank out a brand new plan
      'Coz all women like a sharp, dressed man
      I'll show you how to get into the game
      Step up and make yourself a household name
      I've had a lot of practice you see
      'Coz everybody damn sure knows me
      Make all the money, I've made a tonne
      But the most important thing is you better have fun
      You gotta dress like an Icon (Dress like an Icon)
      Get yourself a step-son
      Walk this way like DMC-Run
      Play like Robert Johnson
      Walk like an Icon
      Talk like an Icon
      Can you pass the test?
      Hell yes! You an Icon
      Can I have your autograph please?
      Meet and greet and take a picture with me
      Be a fashion trender kinda guy
      Girl, show your belly button diamond tonight
      We'll make them roll the red carpet out
      When it's a yes, they gonna yell, and scream and shout
      Gotta Dress like an Icon
      Style like Nicki Minaj
      Wear black like Johnny Cash, son
      Have em stacked like Dolly Parton
      Yeah, we got it going on, Know you've already won
      Posing for the cameras and the press?
      Hell yes! You're an Icon
      (Hey, Hey, Hey)
      You've gotta dress like an Icon
      Shine like a beacon
      Cool your kicks like Tarzan
      Play to lick that Blaine Almond
      Get some Louis Betton
      Try some Ralph Lauren
      Bling like David Yermont
      Sing like Hank William
      Yeah, you got it going on
      Know you've already won
      Social media makes the best?
      Hell yes! I'm an Icon

      Hank Williams Jr - Dress Like an Icon Música y Letra





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