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      My Ol' Man

      My Ol' Man

      Joey + Rory

      Album: Album Number Two

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      Joey + Rory - My Ol' Man Música y Letra

      He was different, he was one of a kind
      As far as daddies went and not just 'cause he was mine
      He could build anything with his two calloused hands
      My ol' man
      He drove an old truck, he could've had a newer one
      Floorboards full of rust but he sure loved the way it'd run
      I learned to drive in it in the pastures on our land
      With my ol' man
      One day he caught me in a lie
      And with his belt, he tanned my behind
      And I saw the teardrops in his eyes
      Falling down just as hard as mine
      When you're born a farmer, it's what you want your son to be
      He was brokenhearted when I said I'm going to Tennessee
      But he sold that old truck and stuck the money in my hand
      My ol' man
      When I got on that big Greyhound
      With my bags full of songs and my guitar
      I remember looking down and him yelling
      "Son, remember who you are"
      He fought a good fight but in the end it took him down
      We told him goodbye and then we prayed him in the ground
      Now he's with Jesus, walking in the promised land
      My ol' man
      And I'm so proud when people say
      Just how much I am like my ol' man

      Joey + Rory - My Ol' Man Música y Letra





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