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      Freedom Machine

      Freedom Machine

      Junior Brown

      Album: Long Walk Back

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      Junior Brown - Freedom Machine Música y Letra

      She's long and lean
      She's my freedom machine
      She's pretty, she's fast, and she's tough
      The first time I ever seen
      My little freedom machine
      I knew I had to have that dreamy cream puff
      So I saved up my money for a long long time
      For the day I could make those little wheels whine
      Now she's sitting in the driveway and she's mine all
      My mean little freedom machine
      Every time I make a scene
      In my freedom machine
      Everybody wants to go for a ride
      They're always talkin' bout the motor and a pretty big
      Job And all the components down inside
      Now I finally got the freedom that I'd always seen
      So hard to get a hold of when I was 16
      Now I'm makin' up for a few lost dreams
      With my mean little freedom machine
      When I'm feelin' this free
      Takes me back to the day
      When I was just a kid and the tools
      Building plastic model toys was as close as I could get
      To ever having my own freedom machine
      But now the world looks like a real calmer place
      With the motor runnin' gold and the wind in my face
      Even when I take it easy man, she still wants to race
      My own little freedom machine
      She's long and lean
      She looks real mean
      She's a fantacy on wheels in my childhood dream
      Now I'm seeing all the freedom that I ain't ever seen
      My mean little freedom machine
      My mean little freedom machine
      My mean little freedom machine

      Junior Brown - Freedom Machine Música y Letra






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