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      I Just Knew

      I Just Knew

      Kellie Coffey

      Album: When You Lie Next To Me

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      Kellie Coffey - I Just Knew Música y Letra

      No stars fell from the sky
      (The) first time I looked in your eyes
      No moonlight shinin' down
      My feet never left the ground
      No roses and a bottle of wine
      No arrow or a neon sign
      No heavenly angels sang on high
      So how did I know it was right
      I just knew
      Positively certain that you were the one for me
      I just knew
      Definitely sure in love that anyone could see
      We were meant to be a part 'a history
      Made for me and you
      It was (And it's) already set from the moment we met
      I just knew, oh
      Don't get me wrong
      I could feel the heat
      My heart beat fast, I could barely breathe
      It was a genuine, pre-designed epiphany
      That came over me
      Maybe it's intuition
      But I've learned how to listen to my heart
      'Cause it was you right from the start

      Kellie Coffey - I Just Knew Música y Letra





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