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      The Simple Truth

      The Simple Truth

      Kellie Coffey

      Album: When You Lie Next To Me

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      Kellie Coffey - The Simple Truth Música y Letra

      We could color it, wrap it up, tie it with a bow
      We could sugercoat, or be polite, say it isn't so
      We could watch a movie 'til it's late
      Then turn out the lights
      Oh, but somethin' in this pretty house
      Just isn't right
      So (Oh) let the walls come down
      Let it all fall down
      Baby, make no excuse
      I can't feel your love
      Take off the kid gloves
      And love me like you really do
      By tellin' me the simple truth
      Baby, lately we're on eggshells just tiptoein' around
      And the silence is so deafening, it drowns out sound
      But the honesty, the deep emotions, what we know is real
      So even if you're hurt and angry, tell me how you feel
      Hey, what's goin' on in your head
      This is me you're talkin' to
      Let's get down to the heart of the matter
      'Cause that's all that matters

      Kellie Coffey - The Simple Truth Música y Letra





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