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      Sweet Side

      Sweet Side

      Lucinda Williams

      Album: World Without Tears

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      Lucinda Williams - Sweet Side Música y Letra

      You run yourself ragged tryin' to be strong
      You feel bad when you done nothin' wrong
      Love got all confused with anger and pride
      So much abuse on such a little child
      Someone you trusted told you to shut up
      Now there's a pain in your gut that you can't get rid of
      No one heard your screams when you were nine
      When bad dreams filled your summertime
      So you don't always show your sweet side ...
      You're tough as steel and you keep your chin up
      You don't ever feel like you're good enough
      You've had the blues ever since you were six
      Your little tennis shoes and your pick-up sticks
      You were screamed at and kicked over and over
      Now you always feel sick and you can't keep a lover
      Every Christmas there were presents to unwrap
      But the things you witnessed when you were five and a half
      So you don't always show your sweet side ...
      Someone deserted you, the damage is done
      Now you don't deserve to be loved by no one
      Hands that would feed you when you were two
      Were the same hands that beat you black and blue
      You get defensive at every turn
      You're overly sensitive and overly concerned
      Few precious memories no lullabies
      Hollowed out centuries of lies
      So you don't always show your sweet side ...
      I've seen you in the kitchen cookin' me supper
      I listened to you bitchin' I watched you suffer
      I still love you baby 'cause I know you
      Don't mean to do the cruel things you do
      I've seen you sewin' buttons on your shirt
      I've seen you throwin' up when your stomach hurt
      I'll stick by you baby through thick and thin
      No matter what kind of shape you're in
      'Cause I've seen your sweet side ...

      Lucinda Williams - Sweet Side Música y Letra






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