Music PlayLists
      1. All That Matters Album Shangri-La

      2. Who's Your Baby Now Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      3. True Love Will Never Fade Album Kill To Get Crimson

      4. What It Is Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      5. The Scaffolder's Wife Album Kill To Get Crimson

      6. Back To Tupelo Album Shangri-La

      7. The Ragpicker's Dream Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      8. I'm The Fool Album Golden Heart

      9. Quality Shoe (Live) Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      10. 5.15 A.M. Album Shangri-La

      11. Madame Geneva's Album Kill To Get Crimson

      12. The Last Laugh Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      13. The Fizzy And The Still Album Kill To Get Crimson

      14. In The Sky Album Kill To Get Crimson

      15. Boom, Like That Album Shangri-La

      16. Hill Farmer's Blues Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      17. Prairie Wedding Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      18. Everybody Pays Album Shangri-La

      19. Postcards From Paraguay Album Shangri-La

      20. Done With Bonaparte Album Golden Heart

      21. Sands Of Nevada Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      22. Stand Up Guy Album Shangri-La

      23. Sailing To Philadelphia Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      24. Baloney Again Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      25. The Trawlerman's Song Album Shangri-La

      26. Quality Shoe Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      27. Coyote Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      28. A Night In Summer Long Ago Album Golden Heart

      29. A Place Where We Used To Live Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      30. Rudiger Album Golden Heart

      31. Punish The Monkey Album Kill To Get Crimson

      32. Our Shangri-La Album Shangri-La

      33. Donegan's Gone Album Shangri-La

      34. Darling Pretty Album Golden Heart

      35. Je Suis Desole Album Golden Heart

      36. Don't Crash the Ambulance Album Shangri-La

      37. Heart Full Of Holes Album Kill To Get Crimson

      38. Nobody's Got The Gun Album Golden Heart

      39. Cannibals Album Golden Heart

      40. Daddy's Gone To Knoxville Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      41. You Don't Know You're Born Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      42. Whoop De Doo Album Shangri-La

      43. Secondary Waltz Album Kill To Get Crimson

      44. Do America Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      45. Wanderlust Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      46. Song For Sonny Liston Album Shangri-La

      47. Are We In Trouble Now Album Golden Heart

      48. Speedway at Nazareth Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      49. Let It All Go Album Kill To Get Crimson

      50. Fare Thee Well Northumberland Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      51. Brothers In Arms (Live) Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      52. Devil Baby Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      53. We Can Get Wild Album Kill To Get Crimson

      54. Why Aye Man (Live) Album The Ragpicker's Dream

      55. Metroland (Full Version) Album Metroland

      56. Riot Album Last Exit To Brooklyn

      57. All The Roadrunning (Feat. Emmylou Harris) (Live) Album Real Live Roadrunning

      58. Donegan's Gone (Live) Album The Trawlerman's Song (EP)

      59. Kingdom Come Album Comfort And Joy

      60. Got To Have Something Album Privateering

      61. One More Matinee Album Sailing To Philadelphia

      62. Donegan's Gone (Live) Album One Take Radio Sessions (EP)

      63. A Fistful Of Ice Cream Album Comfort And Joy

      64. Freeway Flyer Album Local Hero

      65. The Ceilidh And The Northern Lights Album Local Hero

      66. The New Laird Album A Shot At Glory

      67. My Clame To Frame Album Comfort And Joy

      68. Gator Blood Album Privateering

      69. Rollin' On (Feat. Emmylou Harris) Album All The Roadrunning

      70. Silvertown Blues Album Sailing To Philadelphia



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