Music PlayLists
      1. Reckless Album Reckless

      2. Valentine Album My Heart

      3. Born to Give My Love to You Album Wild Angels

      4. God's Will Album Martina

      5. Wild Angels Album Wild Angels

      6. A Broken Wing Album Greatest Hits

      7. Satin Sheets Album Timeless

      8. Ride Album Shine

      9. Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong Album Shine

      10. Valentine Album Greatest Hits

      11. When You Are Old Album My Heart

      12. My Baby Loves Me Album Greatest Hits

      13. Independence Day Album Greatest Hits

      14. Wild Rebel Rose Album Shine

      15. Learning To Fall Album Martina

      16. Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town Album Wild Angels

      17. Today I Started Loving You Again Album Timeless

      18. For These Times Album Waking Up Laughing

      19. I Won't Close My Eyes Album Evolution

      20. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Album White Christmas

      21. The Christmas Song Album White Christmas

      22. It's My Time Album Emotion

      23. This Uncivil War Album Emotion

      24. Anything And Everything Album Emotion

      25. 'Til I Can Make it on My Own Album Timeless

      26. Whatever You Say Album Evolution

      27. Over The Rainbow (Live) Album Martina

      28. A Broken Wing Album Evolution

      29. O Holy Night Album White Christmas

      30. Jingle Bells Album White Christmas

      31. Still Holding on Album Evolution

      32. What Do I Have To Do Album Shine

      33. You've Been Driving All The Time Album Wild Angels

      34. Winter Wonderland Album White Christmas

      35. Be That Way Album Evolution

      36. (I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden Album Timeless

      37. Valentine Album Evolution

      38. If I Had Your Name Album Waking Up Laughing

      39. Everybody Does Album Waking Up Laughing

      40. Happy Girl Album Greatest Hits

      41. I'll Be There Album Timeless

      42. Some Say I'm Running Album My Heart

      43. White Christmas Album White Christmas

      44. Cry Cry (Til The Sun Shines) Album Waking Up Laughing

      45. One Nights Album Eleven

      46. Baby, It's Cold Outside Album White Christmas

      47. What Child is This Album White Christmas

      48. Lies Album Shine

      49. Whatcha Gonna Do Album Eleven

      50. I Don't Want to See You Again Album Evolution

      51. Reluctant Daughter Album Martina

      52. Some Say I'm Running Album Evolution

      53. Here in My Heart Album Evolution

      54. I Can't Stop Loving You Album Timeless

      55. When You Love a Sinner Album Eleven

      56. All The Things We've Never Done Album Wild Angels

      57. Teenage Daughters Album Eleven

      58. A Great Disguise Album Wild Angels

      59. Walk Away Album Shine

      60. Summer of Love Album Eleven

      61. True Love Ways Album Timeless

      62. Cry on The Shoulder of The Road Album Wild Angels

      63. Silent Night Album White Christmas

      64. Anything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues Album Emotion

      65. Love's The Only House Album Emotion

      66. Tryin to Find a Reason Album Waking Up Laughing

      67. Good Bye Album Emotion

      68. Do What You Do Album Emotion

      69. Marry Me Album Eleven

      70. All The Things We've Never Done Album My Heart



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