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      Your Life Story

      Your Life Story

      Mary Chapin Carpenter

      Album: The Calling

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      Mary Chapin Carpenter - Your Life Story Música y Letra

      Maybe love is all anybody
      Ever should believe in
      Maybe life is just something
      That employs us till we die
      Maybe all we know
      Is that the sun will come up every morning
      Maybe time can choose
      Whether to be earthbound or to fly
      Everybody thinks they've got it down
      I won't worry, the truth's always been found
      In your life story
      Maybe you're the one waiting
      For the ship to find your harbor
      Maybe you're the one looking
      Past the forest to the trees
      Maybe you still think
      The older that you get
      Life just gets harder
      Maybe you would trade everything
      For just one moment's peace
      Everybody strains to hear the sound
      Of their heart's calling
      Now you can write yours down
      It's your life story
      Gather up your telegrams
      Your faded pictures, best laid plans
      Books and postcards, 45's
      Every sunset in the sky
      Carry with you maps and string, flashlights
      Friends who make you sing
      And stars to help you find your place
      Music, hope and amazing grace
      Maybe what we leave
      Is nothing but a tangled little mystery
      Maybe what we take
      Is nothing that has ever had a name
      Maybe love will fade
      Like the parchment pages of our history
      Maybe life is made of flickers
      From some brilliant, burnished flame
      Everbody's waiting for a sign
      I won't worry, I think we'll be just fine
      In your life story
      It's your life story
      And my life story
      This is our life story
      In your life story

      Mary Chapin Carpenter - Your Life Story Música y Letra





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