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      Merle Haggard

      Album: I Love Dixie Blues... So I Recorded Live In New Orleans

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      Merle Haggard - Introduction Música y Letra

      Introduction To Hobo Bill
      The hobo was a subject that the late and great Jimmie Rogers
      Sang of many times during his great career
      And the freight train served a faithful means of travel for the migrant
      worker or for the fella out of work or some ole boy
      That just wanted to live off the fat of our great land
      And of course at this time the fat was kind a scarce
      Because during the period of Jimmie Rodger's greatest popularity
      Our great Nation's economy was at all time low
      And it was known as the depression days
      During this time it wasn't unusual to see 50 or 75 hobos
      Jump from a moving freight train as it neared the edge of a city
      This was dangerous but it was done to keep from being caught by the
      train bulls that worked the great freight yards during this era
      A lot of the hobos were respectable men and rode the rods
      Because it provided a dependable means of travel which they could afford
      And some of them made their destinations and some of them died along
      the tracks and their friends and family never knew what happened to 'em
      And I would imagine maybe that Hobo Bill was one of them...

      Merle Haggard - Introduction Música y Letra





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