Music PlayLists
      1. Little Red Wagon Album Platinum

      2. Bring Me Down Album Kerosene

      3. Famous In A Small Town Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      4. Another Sunday In The South Album Platinum

      5. Automatic Album Platinum

      6. It All Comes Out in the Wash Album Wildcard

      7. Somethin' Bad (duet with Carrie Underwood) Album Platinum

      8. White Liar Album Revolution

      9. Only Prettier Album Revolution

      10. Mama, I'm Alright Album Kerosene

      11. What About Georgia Album Kerosene

      12. Makin' Plans Album Revolution

      13. Bathroom Sink Album Platinum

      14. The House That Built Me Album Revolution

      15. Gunpowder & Lead Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      16. Jack Daniels Album Miranda Lambert

      17. Me And Your Cigarettes Album Revolution

      18. Airstream Song Album Revolution

      19. Last Goodbye Album Miranda Lambert

      20. Babies Makin' Babies Album Platinum

      21. Old Sh!t Album Platinum

      22. More Like Her Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      23. Love Song Album Revolution

      24. Love Letters Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      25. Maintain The Pain Album Revolution

      26. Better In The Long Run Album Four The Record Deluxe Edition

      27. Texas As Hell Album Miranda Lambert

      28. Girls Album Platinum

      29. Virginia Bluebell Album Revolution

      30. Dry Town Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      31. Sin For A Sin Album Revolution

      32. Texas Pride Album Miranda Lambert

      33. Time To Get A Gun Album Revolution

      34. Holding On To You Album Platinum

      35. What In The World Album Miranda Lambert

      36. Wichita Falls Album Miranda Lambert

      37. Two Rings Shy Album Platinum

      38. Love Is Looking For You Album Kerosene

      39. Priscilla Album Platinum

      40. Platinum Album Platinum

      41. Love Your Memory Album Kerosene

      42. All That's Left (Feat. The Time Jumpers) Album Platinum

      43. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      44. Another Heartache Album Miranda Lambert

      45. Desperation Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      46. Smokin' And Drinkin' (Feat. Little Big Town) Album Platinum

      47. Hard Staying Sober Album Platinum

      48. Down Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      49. Gravity Is A Bch Album Platinum

      50. Lyin' Here Album Miranda Lambert

      51. New Strings Album Kerosene

      52. Something That I Like About A Honky Tonk Album Miranda Lambert

      53. Heart Like Mine Album Revolution

      54. Somebody Else Album Miranda Lambert

      55. I Can't Be Bothered Album Kerosene

      56. Getting Ready Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

      57. Kerosene Album Kerosene

      58. Goodnight (interlude) Album CMT Cross Country

      59. How Dare You Love Album Wildcard

      60. Oklahoma Sky Album Four The Record Deluxe Edition

      61. Beige Album Hell On Heels

      62. Trading One Heartbreak for Another Album Annie Up

      63. Pushing Time Album The Weight of These Wings

      64. Over You Album Four The Record Deluxe Edition

      65. To Learn Her Album The Weight of These Wings

      66. Being Pretty Ain't Pretty Album Annie Up

      67. Desperation (feat Jack Ingram) Album CMT Cross Country

      68. Track Record Album Wildcard

      69. Dear Sobriety Album Annie Up

      70. Dark Bars Album Wildcard



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