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      I'll Sleep

      I'll Sleep

      Randy Houser

      Album: Anything Goes

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      Randy Houser - I'll Sleep Música y Letra

      My daddy use to sing about a preacher man
      who lost his wife she was his whole life 
      He kiss me then he tuck me in with his old guitar.
      Maaan that second verus I hung on every word I drift off and get lost in
      between the melody then dream and he sing
      Please come back to me we gona build this spring and start a family
      Please just one more day so much to
      say don't leave this way live's on in my fondest memorys
      He sing and I'd sleep...
      Well I grew up like a weed thur my teenage years.
      OH daddy tried but I'd bearly say goodnite.
      I sure he thought my mind was 
      on girls and school but I was just way to cool to say I love you.
      But he didn't know when I close my eyes and turn out the lights 
      I'd hear 
      And after all those night and all these years
      here we are and here he is taken his last breath and I'm man enough to cry
      and hes to young to say goodbye and he is all that's left and I'm scarded to death 
      [Chorus #2]
      Please come back to me
      right now I need you more than anything 
      Please just one more day so much to say
      wish you could stay and he squeeze my hand
      and kiss me on the check and said
      you sing and I'll sleep

      Randy Houser - I'll Sleep Música y Letra





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