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      Roll Me Back in Time

      Roll Me Back in Time

      Sara Evans

      Album: Real Fine Place

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      Sara Evans - Roll Me Back in Time Música y Letra

      He was just a boy of seventeen
      And I was older by a year
      And we spent everything we ever made
      To get away from here
      We got married in the winter time
      At the Open Doors Cafe
      No matter how he tried, he couldn't fine the peace of mind to stay
      All the glitter out in Hollywood
      All the stars that never shine
      They can't hold a candle to your wind
      Could you roll me, roll me back in time
      Got a job and worked the early shift
      I spent hours by the phone
      Promises are easy to forget
      When there's too much time alone
      You've got something they can't argue with
      That's what all the people say
      He's just wating for the obvious
      His star is on his way, any day
      [Repeat Chorus]
      Just this side of sunrise,
      you can feel it in the air
      That something's bound to happen
      It's just right there
      Everyboyd loves you, it's so easy to see
      But it's only, yeah, it's only in your dreams
      [Repeat Chorus]
      I woke up to find him standing there with his suitcase in his hand

      Sara Evans - Roll Me Back in Time Música y Letra






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