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      No. 29

      No. 29

      Steve Earle

      Album: Exit O

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      Steve Earle - No. 29 Música y Letra

      I was born and raised here this town's my town 
      Everybody knows my name 
      But ever since the glass plant closed down 
      Things round here ain't never been the same 
      I got me a good job alright but some nights 
      Take me to another time 
      Back when I was No. 29
      I was pretty good then don't you know watch him go 
      Buddy I could really fly 
      Everyone in town came, hip flasks, horn blasts 
      Any autumn Friday night 
      Sally yelled her heart out push em back, way back 
      I was hers and she was mine 
      Back when I was No. 29
      We were playin' Smithville big boys, farm boys 
      Second down and four to go 
      Bubba brought the play in good call my ball 
      Now they're gonna see a show 
      But Bubba let his man go I cut back, heard it crack 
      It still hurts me but I don't mind 
      Reminds me I was No. 29
      Now I go to the ballgames cold nights, half pints 
      Friday nights I'm always here 
      We got a pretty good team, good boys, strong boys 
      District champs the last three years 
      Got a little tailback pretty slick, real quick 
      I take him for a steak sometimes 
      Nowadys he's No. 29
      I don't follow rainbows, big dreams, brass rings 
      I've already captured mine 
      Back when I was No. 29

      Steve Earle - No. 29 Música y Letra





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