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      Tom Ames' Prayer

      Tom Ames' Prayer

      Steve Earle

      Album: Together At The Bluebird Cafe

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      Steve Earle - Tom Ames' Prayer Música y Letra

      Everyone in Nacadoches knew Tom Ames would come to some bad end 
      Well the sheriff had cought him stealin' chickens and such 
      by the time that he was ten
      And one day his daddy took a ten dollar bill 
      and he tucked it in his hand 
      He said I can tell you're headed for trouble son 
      and your momma wouldn't understand
      So he took that money and his brothers old bay 
      and he left without a word of thanks 
      Fell in with a crowd in some border town 
      and took to robbin' banks
      Outside the law your luck will run out fast 
      and a few years came and went 
      'Till he's trapped in an alley in Abilene 
      with all but four shells spent
      And he realized prayin' was the only thing 
      that he hadn't ever tried 
      Well he wasn't sure he knew quite how 
      but he looked up to the sky
      Said you don't owe me nothin' and as far as I know 
      Lord don't owe nothin' to you 
      And I ain't askin' for a miracle Lord 
      just a little bit of luck will do
      And you know I ain't never prayed before 
      but it always seemed to me 
      If prayin' is the same as beggin' Lord 
      I don't take no charity
      Yeah but right now Lord with my back to the wall 
      Can't help but recall 
      How they nearly hung me for stealin' a horse 
      in Fort Smith Arkansas
      Judge Parker said guilty and the gavel came down 
      just like a cannon shot 
      And I went away quietly 
      and I began to file and plot
      Well they sent the preacher down to my cell 
      He said the Lord is your only hope 
      He's the only friend that you gonna have 
      When you hit the end of Parker's rope
      Well I guess he coulda' kept on preachin' 'till Christmas 
      but he

      Steve Earle - Tom Ames' Prayer Música y Letra





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