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      Sea Stories

      Sea Stories

      Sturgill Simpson

      Album: A Sailor's Guide to Earth

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      Sturgill Simpson - Sea Stories Música y Letra

      Basically it's just like papaw says:
      "Keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine"
      Just another enlisted egg
      In the bowl for Uncle Sam's beater
      When you get to Dam Neck
      Hear a voice in your head
      Saying, "my life's no longer mine"
      Have you running with some SAG SOG
      BMF sandeater
      Sailing out on them high seas
      Feels just like being born
      That first port call in Thailand
      Feels like a pollywog turning nineteen
      They've got king cobras fighting in boxing rings
      And all the angels play Connect Four
      Seems like a sailor's paradise
      But turns out to be a bad dream
      Now you hit the ground running in Tokyo
      From Kawasaki to Ebisu
      Yokosuka, Yokohama, and Shinjuku
      Shibuya, Ropongi, and Harajuku
      Aw, from Pusan and Ko Chang, Pattaya to Phuket
      From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
      Seen damn near the whole damn world
      From the inside of a bar
      I've got sea stories
      They're all true
      Might seem a little bit far-fetched
      But why would I lie to you
      Memories make forever stains
      Still got salt running through my veins
      I've got sea stories
      And my shellback, too
      Sometimes Sirens send a ship off course
      Horizon gets so hazy
      Maybe get high, play a little GoldenEye
      On that old 64
      And if you get sick and can't manage the kick
      And get yourself kicked out the navy
      You'll spend the next year trying to score
      From a futon life raft on the floor
      And the next fifteen trying to figure out
      What the hell you did that for
      But flying high beats dying for lies
      In a politician's war

      Sturgill Simpson - Sea Stories Música y Letra





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