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      Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)

      Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)

      Sturgill Simpson

      Album: A Sailor's Guide to Earth

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      Sturgill Simpson - Welcome To Earth (Pollywog) Música y Letra

      Hello, my son
      Welcome to earth
      You may not be my last
      But you'll always be my first
      Wish I'd done this ten years ago
      But how could I know
      How could I know
      That the answer was so easy
      I've been told you measure a man
      By how much he loves
      When I hold you
      I treasure each moment I spend
      On earth, under heave above
      Grandfather always said God's a fisherman
      And now I know the reason why
      And if some times daddy has to go away
      Please don't think it means I don't love you
      Oh, how I wish I could be there everyday
      Cause when I'm gone it makes me so sad and blue
      And holding you is the greatest love I've ever known
      When I get home it breaks my heart
      Seeing how much you've grown all on your own
      Hearing you cry makes me cry
      It made me cry
      Hearing me cry
      A thousand miles away
      Every cry
      (greatest love I've ever known)
      (ever known)

      Sturgill Simpson - Welcome To Earth (Pollywog) Música y Letra





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