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      Old King Coal

      Old King Coal

      Sturgill Simpson

      Album: High Top Mountain

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      Sturgill Simpson - Old King Coal Música y Letra

      Many a man down in these here hills
      made a living off that old black gold
      Now there ain't nothing but welfare and pills
      and the wind never felt so cold
      I'll be one of the first in a long long line
      not to go down from that old black lung
      My death will be slower than the rest of my kind
      And my life will be sadder than the songs they all sung
      Old King Coal what are we gonna do
      when the mountains are gone and so are you
      They come from the city to lend a hand
      carrying signs saying, Shut the mines down
      We ain't looking for pity and you don't understand
      So go back to your city now cause this ain't your town
      My Great Grandfather spent his days in a coal mine
      and his nights on the porch in a chair
      Now he's in heaven and down here in hell
      the rivers run muddy and the mountains are bare

      Sturgill Simpson - Old King Coal Música y Letra





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