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      Life Of Sin

      Life Of Sin

      Sturgill Simpson

      Album: Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

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      Sturgill Simpson - Life Of Sin Música y Letra

      Lately things have been a little complicated
      Quality of life has got me down
      Sex is cheap and talk is overrated
      And the boys and me still working on the sound
      A little happiness, a little love was all I wanted
      Sure as Hell thought I'd found it but I was wrong
      She left my heart feeling taunted and my memories all haunted
      But it's her I have to thank for all my songs
      So every day I'm smoking my brain hazy
      All I can do to keep from going crazy
      But the paranoia is slowly creeping in
      I keep drinking myself silly
      Only way for this hillbilly
      And I thank God for this here life of sin
      Every morning when I rise I look in the mirror and despise
      the sight of everything and all that I've become
      The level of my medicating some might find intimidating
      But that's alright cause' it don't bother me none

      Sturgill Simpson - Life Of Sin Música y Letra





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