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      Uneasy Rider '88

      Uneasy Rider '88

      The Charlie Daniels Band

      Album: Homesick Heroes

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      The Charlie Daniels Band - Uneasy Rider '88 Música y Letra

      Me and my buddy got us a wild hair
      And figured we wanted to go somewhere
      So we loaded up in my ragtop Chevrolet
      We had a little bit of money
      And a whole lot of show
      And with Hank Jr. blaring on the radio
      We got us a tank full of gas
      And we was on our way
      We figured we'd go down to New Orleans
      We were barrelling down old 17
      When a man with a blinking red light
      Was on our tail
      He said you were doing 60 in a 45
      But I'm gonna let you go this time
      But if I catch you again
      I'm gonna slap you in the county jail
      We said thank you sir you sure been nice
      And you ain't gonna have to tell us twice
      And we were Southbound and down with the wind
      Blowing in our faces
      We kept on rolling and pretty soon
      The radio was cooking out a Haggard tune
      And we were pulling into Houston
      Checking out all them places
      I was feeling dry and I said I think
      We ought to stop and get ourselves a drink
      And old Jim said yeah 'cause we got time to kill
      We kept on rolling and I seen this spot
      And we pulled into the parking lot
      Of this place called the Cloud Nine Bar and Grill
      We walked through the door
      And the place was jammed
      The lights were low they had a punk rock band
      And some orange haired feller singing about suicide
      I said Jim this ain't our kind of place
      He said well let's just have one round anyway
      So against my better judgement we walked on inside
      Went up to the bar and we sat down
      This feller walked up and said I'll buy this round
      And he sat down on the barstool next to Jim
      He looked like a girl but he talked like a guy
      He had lipstick on and mascara in his eyes
      And everybody in that place looked just about like him
      I said Jim this ain't our kind of bar
      Let's just go on out and get back in the car
      'Cause there's gonna be trouble
      Ain't no sense in taking a chance
      We was getting up getting ready to leave
      When somebody grabbed old Jim by the sleeve
      And this good looking girl was asking my buddy to dance
      I said Jim don't do it there's something missing
      There's fellers dancing and fellers kissing
      There's a feller in high heeled shoes wearing panty hose
      He said partner I just can't turn this down
      You just go over there and have one more round
      And I'll dance with the lady
      And we'll get on down the road
      So he walked away and left me alone
      But this funny looking feller kept coming on
      And he was making me mad with some of the things he said
      Then he put his hand on my knee
      I said if you don't get your paw off me
      I'm gonna locate your nose around
      The other side of your head
      He said I love it when you get that fire in your eye
      I said well partner try this on for size
      And I unloaded on him and he went out like a light
      Everybody in that place must have been his friend
      They all headed for me I said this is the end
      But where I come from we don't give up
      Without a fight
      They were screaming and yelling and scratching and clawing
      I was punching and hitting and kicking and pawing
      I was holding my own 'cause I've been in a scrap or two
      Old Jim come running up out of the blue
      And that gal he was with come running up too
      And proceeded to beat on me with a high heel shoe
      I grabbed her by the hair it came off in my hand
      And that beautiful girl was just a beautiful man
      And old Jim just got sick right there on the floor
      He dropped that dude like a shot from a gun
      Smeared his lipstick made his makeup run
      And me and old Jim started fighting our way to the door
      We lit out of there in that Chevrolet
      I put in on the floor and it stayed that way
      We were going down the highway
      Doing about a hundred and ten
      We were headed for home and we was getting nearer
      Then a red light came on the rear view mirror
      And that same blame cop was pulling us over again
      Now I'm sitting here in this county jail
      I had to call my daddy to go our bail
      But I learned me a lesson
      That I never will forget again
      I've done give up drinking I've give up bars
      And running around the country in souped up cars
      I'm going back where the women are women
      And the men are men

      The Charlie Daniels Band - Uneasy Rider '88 Música y Letra





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