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      Just Be Your Tear

      Just Be Your Tear

      Tim McGraw

      Album: Live Like You Were Dying

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      Tim McGraw - Just Be Your Tear Música y Letra

      Don't know why he does what he does
      Playing lost and found with your love
      Trying to confuse you, use you
      Girl. he's gonna lose you sure enough
      Don't know why he says all those things
      Always shootin' down all your dreams
      He ought to know better than that
      He ought to be watching his back
      'cause you know you know
      Girl I'd love to shine in your eyes
      If only for just a moment
      Girl I'd be satisfied
      If I could only touch your cheek
      Baby that's all I'd need
      To make my life complete
      Girl I know I can make you smile
      If you knew that I was here
      Wishing that I could just be your tear
      I don't know why he cant find the words
      Saying all those things you deserve
      Girl if it was me there I swear
      You know you wouldn't have to feel so unsure
      About what tomorrow would bring
      Don't you know I'd give everything
      If I could just hold you like him
      If I could be more than just friends
      'Cause you know you know
      [Repeat Chorus (Twice)]
      Your tear, your tear,
      Wishin' I could just be your tear,
      Your tear, your tear, yeah..
      Oh girl I love the shine in your eyes, in your kiss, in your smile, and your touch.
      Girl I love that look in your eyes
      When you say that you need me so much.
      If only I could just be your tear, yeah, yea...

      Tim McGraw - Just Be Your Tear Música y Letra





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