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      You Already Love Me

      You Already Love Me

      Toby Keith

      Album: Don't Make Me A Bad Guy

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      Toby Keith - You Already Love Me Música y Letra

      Yeah me and bobby p stayed out all night
      Kickin it and cutting up and getting right
      I had a good time
      Till I cam crawlin in bout daylight
      And you were bawlin
      And remember that time I took your car
      You told me not to drive it but my truck wouldn't start
      I had to leave it parked it got a whiskey dent
      Down at the handlebar where I swore I never went darlin
      You get mad sometimes
      I drive you right out of your mind
      I don't mean to make you crazy
      I'm not the devil just a dude
      Baby girl I know that you
      Could do better than me maybe
      But its too later, you already love me
      Yeah its too late, you already love me
      Starch my shirt and press my pants
      Mett your boss at tyour christmas dance
      In a suit and tie
      I wore my boots and jeans
      And when he rolled his eyeys
      Girl I caused a scene baby
      [Repeat Chorus]

      Toby Keith - You Already Love Me Música y Letra





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