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      It's All Good

      It's All Good

      Toby Keith

      Album: Unleashed

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      Toby Keith - It's All Good Música y Letra

      Mother earth has changed since i was a child
      The east is a beast and the west is really wild
      And the headlines say the end looks grim
      And the future don't look so bright
      You can't even open your mailbox, you can't take the plane
      And everybody'lookin'for somebody to blame
      I think I'm gonna let the president
      Save this ol' world tonight
      I'll light us a fire
      And she'll turn off the news
      We'll open a cold one and shake these blues
      It's all good
      It's alright
      I'm gonna sit here with my baby all night
      And let the troubles of this world
      Roll on by us like they should
      It's all cool
      It's ok
      We've got everything going our way
      Can't complain if we're alright
      It's all good
      I'm just a ragular Joe, with a beautiful girl
      Just gettin by in a day-to-day world
      We ain't got a lot, but we don't need anything
      Covered in kises, surrounded by love
      Showered with blessings from up above
      When you'r sittin' on top of the world, man we got everything
      we live out here in the country
      Where the workin' class do
      We've got our health and our happiness too
      No can't complain 'cause we're alright
      And it's all good

      Toby Keith - It's All Good Música y Letra





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