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      Red Shoes

      Red Shoes

      Tom Waits

      Album: Big Time

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      Tom Waits - Red Shoes Música y Letra

      She wore red shoes by the drugstore
      As the rain splashed the nickel
      Spilled like chablis along the midway
      Theres a little bluejay
      In a red dress, on a sad night
      One straw in a rootbeer
      A compact with a cracked mirror
      And a bottle of evening in paris perfume
      He told her to wait in by the magazines
      He had to take care of some buisness it seems
      Bring a raincoat and a suitcase
      And your dark eyes
      And wear those red shoes
      Theres a dark huddle at the bus stop
      Umbrellas arranged in a sad bouquet
      Li'l cesaer got caught
      He was going down to second
      He was cooled
      Changing stations on the chamber
      To steal a diamond
      From a jewelry store for his baby
      He loved the way she looked in those red shoes
      She waited by the drugstore
      Cesaer had never been this late before
      And the dogs bayed the moon
      And rattled their chains
      And the cold jingle of taps in a puddle
      Was the burglar alarm
      Snitchin on ceasar
      Now the rain washes memories from the sidewalks
      And the hounds splash down the nickel
      Full of soldiers
      And santa claus is drunk in the ski room
      And it's christmas eve in a sad cafe
      When the moon gets this way
      There's a little blue jay
      By the newstand
      Wearing red shoes
      So meet me tonight by the drugstore
      We're goin out tonight
      Wear your red shoes

      Tom Waits - Red Shoes Música y Letra






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