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      Metropolitan Glide

      Metropolitan Glide

      Tom Waits

      Album: Real Gone

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      Tom Waits - Metropolitan Glide Música y Letra

      Are you ready, are you ready
      Knocky Parker told Bowlegged Sal
      They all know how to kick it in Cal
      They're playing this dope and this
      Money tune
      Dancing baby with a 7 mile broom
      Things are bulging out the rafters
      Like hell
      Dddddown there at the Hush Hotel
      They're jumping right out of their
      Seats, dancing to the bran' new beat
      Do... the Metropolitan Glide [2x]
      The floor is polished and you
      Momma's gone
      You can quake and roll and moan
      29 gypsies in a Caddilac stoned
      Turn off the ringer on your cellular phone
      Whip the air like a Rainbow Trout
      Drag your tail pipe till you bottom out
      Do... the Metropolitan Glide [4x]
      The low bottom of the china moon
      The black swan and the way too soon
      Ace pocket and teh dog bone gone
      The peacock and the mean black swan
      The rain shower and high heeled shoe
      Bombay money and I know I can do it
      The sink hole and the victory dance
      Its in the pocket in the real tight pants
      Ddddo the Metropolitan Glide [2x]
      Show your teeth bray like a falf
      You kill me with your machine gun laugh
      You make me trouble with the floor
      THat's creaking
      I"ve been ready to ka boom for a week
      Put on your stockings and your powder and blush
      Keep it all on the hush, hush, hush
      Do... the Metropolitan Glide [2x]

      Tom Waits - Metropolitan Glide Música y Letra





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