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      Highway Kind

      Highway Kind

      Townes Van Zandt

      Album: High, Low And In Between

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      Townes Van Zandt - Highway Kind Música y Letra

      My days, they are the highway kind
      they only come to leave
      but the leavin' I don't mind
      it's the comin' that I crave.
      Pour the sun upon the ground
      stand to throw a shadow
      watch it grow into a night
      and fill the spinnin' sky.
      Time among the pine trees
      it felt like breath of air
      usually I just walk these streets
      and tell myself to care.
      Sometimes I believe me
      and sometimes I don't hear.
      Sometimes the shape I'm in
      won't let me go.
      Well, I don't know too much for true
      but my heart knows how to pound
      my legs know how to love someone
      my voice knows how to sound.
      Shame that it's not enough
      shame that it is a shame.
      Follow the circle down
      where would you be?
      You're the only one I want now
      I never heard your name.
      Let's hope we meet some day
      if we don't it's all the same.
      I'll meet the ones between us,
      and be thinkin' 'bout you
      and all the places I have seen
      and why you where not there.

      Townes Van Zandt - Highway Kind Música y Letra






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